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The Weirdest E3 Freebie to Be Expected in One's Mail

The beta product of Mountain Dew X.  Yes, they really sent a six-pack. :o


Oh I gave them my name too. I just figured I missed out on it or something.

So I thought too...  Expect a UPS delivery. :o

You also get it if you were on their beta product list from the past. Mine came with the usual "what do you think about this" letter.

... Which means I'll get their next betas too. :)

Awesome, I could always use more caffeine. XD

You should. The Livewire one was awesome! XD

But I only got one can though. :(
How is it?

Almost like the original one, but the aftertaste is less tangy (i.e. cleaner).

Don't know how much caffeine it has though. XD

Got mine a few days ago as well.

Didn't taste much different than the original Mt. Dew, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But Lordy, if they came out with Code Red flavor or LimeWire... GAME OVER, MAN! ^_^

It worked for me.