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Stupid Website Navigation: Travelocity

When you want to change your password on an online store like this, you would normally log in, go to the Customer Care or some similar area of the website, and look for Change Your Password or something similar, right?

Not on [ Travelocity ], where you have to:

  1. Log out first.  (Huh?)

  2. Click on the My Stuff—their uhh, friendly way of saying My Account—to display the login page; this site does not have a plain and obvious Log In or Sign In link.  (What?)

  3. On the login page, do not log in, but click the Change Your Password link.  This is the only place on the website where you can find the link.  (OTL)

Furthermore, there is no—I repeat, noLog Out or Sign Out link anywhere on the website.  The only way you can sign out—in order to complete the step #1 above—is to close all your browser windows.  Even their help page says so.  orz

What if you were browsing some other sites at the same time?  Well, you'll have to close them all no matter what.

What if some of them had live contents, like a web-based chat window?  Uhh, tough luck.



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