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Dot Dot Dot.

An Iraqi barber in Kirkuk got warned then killed by a local militant group, for cutting hair in the U.S. Marine style (for the main clientele of young Iraqi men).

Not to justify the action by the militant group (which is clearly to be blamed), but at least to me, that U.S. Marine Corps hairstyle doesn't seem like such a great faith over which I would risk my life, especially when the style is neither my own nor my country's to begin with.

What a stupid barber...  (OH SNAP GET IT?!)


On the other hand, you shouldn't always let people tell you what to do, either.

Maybe to him it was an act of open defiance.

A poorly thought-out defiance.  A waste of life.

Not necessarily to him.

He needed to realize the display of defiance is not a purely individual act. :)

Also, apart from discussing all the extreme possibilities one could take...  What would you have done in that situation?

Depends. Presuming that I felt strongly enough about it... probably the same thing. Some things are worth dying for to some people.
Snap. Gotten. GROAN.
Iunno 'bout you but I'm lovin' my new hair cut