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Okay X, here's the blog entry I promised you.

(Note to LJ friends: Sorry if this killed your scroll button, but I intentionally used no <lj-cut> tags because I did want my friends to read this.  So please bear with me.  Thanks.)

X: First of all, don't take this personally.  I didn't even use your true initial.  I'm posting this publicly just because I've taken this crap not only from you but also from other friends of mine, and I've been wanting to rant about it for a long time.

Other friend readers: Yes, you may take this as one surefire way to rile me up.  And it's my wish I wouldn't get this type of shit from you guys ever (or again, for some of you, please).

It was pretty apparent that you didn't want to hear the advice I wanted to give you, when you suddenly brought up a totally different topic and pushed it against me.  I know you wanted to escape without saying `No, I don't want to hear that shit from you.'  I am sorry if you didn't want that piece of advice from me, although I really thought it was something you needed to know.

But you know what, X?  If you felt so, just say so: ``I don't want to hear that now.''  Or in whatever milder way you can think of, if you wish.  I respect you as an individual, hell, I'm not even your parent or guardian.  I would be happy to stop if you told me to.  But no X, don't try to steer the topic randomly in your favor like that.  You might've thought it was a clever thing to do, but in reality, it's plain rude.  It's like ``No, I don't care about what you have to say, and I'll say something else just to shut you up.''

You pulled this crap against me numerous times previously, if you think about it, and yes, I just gave in and moved onto whatever new topic you slapped onto my face.  Because I thought you'd grow up and get to know better, sooner or later.  But no, I was wrong.  Perhaps I should've told you off back then, because it seems that now you're taking it as an implicit `OMG it worked' sign and doing the same stuff more and more often.

And X, here's the thing.  The more you piss your friends off like that (like me or whoever else that catches your hidden intention behind that crap), the less you get to gather honest opinions and advices from them.  Who wants to give voluntary advices and then receive `SHUT UP ALREADY BECAUSE I DON'T CARE' type of response?  Nobody does.

Again, don't take this as I've had anything against you from the get-go.  I still do care about you; hell, that's exactly why I'm telling you this, instead of just smiling it off and going `Ah, whatever.'

Good night,

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