August 11th, 2004


Umph = <33333333

It's a kind of seltzer tablet.  You drop one into your favorite tangy drink (I use Diet Snapple and Diet Hansen), wait 5 minutes, then turn the drink into an instant Red Bull. :D :D  Okay, maybe not the Red Bull, because Umph lacks some of the `good stuff' in Red Bull like taurine and guarana, but it's still got 99mg caffeine (cf. 75mg in Red Bull -- 33% more!), 40% DV vitamin B6, 30mg ginseng.

And it's potent as hell.  And cheap -- 45 cents per tablet when you buy a 20-pack for $9, as opposed to $1.33 per can of Red Bull when you buy a 24-pack at Costco; you just find a soda cheap enough (under 88 cents/can, which you can easily find when you buy in bulk).

It's a blessing.  Especially those who can't stand the `medicine-like' taste of most energy drinks.

Oh, and a bit of caution. You need a big cup if you use it with any type of soda; don't ever try to drop Umph directly into a soda can -- Umph generates loads of carbonate fizz, and you know the consequences.  Taking a couple of sips off the can does not help.  I learned it the hard way this morning. ;_;

For more info:  As of now they sell a 20-pack for $9 plus tax, and the shipping is free.

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