September 3rd, 2004



As of this morning, my Atkins diet phase 1 is over.

Starting 5-day average = 155lbs

Past 5-day average = 145lbs





Happy 7th Anniversary -- Ode To My Norcal Pals

I was fumbling through an old pile of receipts, when I came across this one ticket stub.  SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, 3SEP97 1710, SANTA ANA - SAN JOSE.

Today is the 7th anniversary since I stood on my own feet and started living in the bay area.

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And developing deeper -- less superficial, hi-and-bye but more down-to-earth -- friendship with some of you guys.  You know who you are, and I am very grateful to you; you salvaged Eugene out of the dumpster of shy and fobby Asian otaku-engineers into a more well-round, sociable person.  Thank you all of you, and I love you guys. (Will you marry me? XD =3=33)

Seven years.  I started at 22, and I now gaze at the folding edge of 30 approaching me.  And as with everyone else who's approaching 30, I look back at the path I've walked so far.  A lot of things I wanted and planned to accomplish in the states, something they call an American dream, I haven't achieved yet.  Some of them I just had to give up, some I had to postpone until I can actually aim at them once again.  But in place where the unfulfilled dreams once were, I have some other unexpectedly pleasant and valuable experiences and memories instead.  And I am proud of them.  Because they reflect and shine the undeniable path that I have been running on; because they are the evidence of my growing up.

A lot of people nodded and sighed when a female Korean writer published a book of essays, titled `30, The Party Is Over.'  What losers.  Everyday is a party.  A party of a slightly different kind every day.  I'm still enjoying my life.  I'm still seizing the day -- heck, I'm still alive.  In fact, the real kick-ass party of mine is about to start now -- thanks to all the experiences and memories I've gotten to cherish, thanks to all the lessons learned from the daily battles, thanks to all people that I have gotten to know since I got off that Southwest airliner one starry night in September 1997 and started my own quest.

Thanks again, pals.  I really love all of you.  And join my party if you wish.  Because it's gonna rock the house.  Because it's gonna rock the world.