September 9th, 2004


Thought For Food -- <3 Mollie Stones

... And <3 its mostly Caucasian patrons.  Because, among all other things, they put all different sorts of `hot' flavor of salsa and taco sauce on sale every so often -- as opposed to most other grocery stores, where they have only mild or medium-hot flavor on sale presumably because the large Hispanic population in this area would buy more spicy food than Caucasians so they don't feel the need to put the hot flavor on sale.

On another note...  Saag's sausage links gives me a high.  Mmm, so good... XD  Too bad Costco doesn't sell them.  I guess that's because Saag's is a local gourmet brand.

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sherl0k says... sherl0k knows... XD =3

Me: You know, Umph is lovely because it gives you the wings of Red Bull without too much sugar or that @#!@*((!*@#'y aftertaste of Diet RB.
sherl0k: Haha
sherl0k: I never liked Red Bull anyway, tastes like horse semen. ;x
Me: ... And how do you know THAT? :x
sherl0k: lolol
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...... Wow.

One more reason to adore and respect LiveJournal: It uses not MP3, nor WMA, nor AC3, but frickin' Ogg/Vorbis for phone posts.  Go open source! XD