September 12th, 2004


<3 Ryan

KitHero wrote on DDR Freak:
You know the funny thing is... I met DCB before, but I don't remember him as DCB. When I see names post in a forum I try to make a visual description of the person posting. For some reason, I visualized DCB being asian/filipino with the spikey hair. Hah, sorry man.

Hahahahaha.  That's why we love Ryan.  XD

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If I gained any weight over this weekend...

That must be all on my eyelids -- they feel so heavy, and I find it extremely difficult and strenuous to keep my eyes as wide as I usually do.  Funny thing is, I haven't been feeling sleepy at all, for the whole day.

P.S. LiveJournal earns the Slowest Website of the Week Award. -_-

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