September 17th, 2004


Two random things.

  1. It tells you a lot if you hear of a female pianist, visit her website and the first thing you see is a picture of her in a white boob shirt, with a piano to be found nowhere. -_-

  2. Less respect for Sun's Java.  It just popped a small tray icon saying `Java 2: Click here for more info' and when I clicked, it opened in a frickin' IE, while I use Firefox as my designated browser on this computer.

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OK gangs, this just in -- for those of you who know kay0ss

He just found out (I mean, today, not too long ago)...

... That he's going to move to Arizona...

... Tomorrow morning.



John: Man, it saddens me so much to see you have to go... ;_;  I wish you the best luck -- keep up the hope, and keep in touch!

Everyone else: He's going to try and hit MGL later tonight if possible -- so yeah, be there if you can. :x  UPDATE: John's going to be there from 7 or 7:30ish.

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