October 8th, 2004


This is the reason you should use subpixel rendering, a.k.a. ClearType(TM).

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How to enable ClearType on your Windows XP:

  1. Go to start -> Control Panel -> Display.
  2. In the Display Properties pop-up, go to Appearance tab.
  3. Click Effects... button.
  4. In the Effects pop-up, check Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts.
  5. Then choose ClearType in the drop-down box below the checkbox.
  6. Click OK in the Effects pop-up.
  7. Click OK in the Display Properties pop-up.
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So fucking tired.

These days, I just can't get any rest.

Yesterday -- I had to drive all the way up to Sacramento to take care of some computer.  It was good to see Ross and Erin again though.  (Sorry Jess!  It took longer than I expected. ;_;)

Today -- I have been reading this book all day.  About 60 more pages to finish by this Tuesday.  The thing is... This monster book deals with almost all the theoretical foundation behind traditional computer language compilers and more in just about 400 pages.  Very dense.  It's supposed to be a textbook, but it's not like your typical college introductory textbook at all.  This book was actually the textbook I studied when I was taking the AFL (Automaton & Formal Language) class in college, and the same 60 pages I have to finish is the same range the professor covered over two months.  I started re-reading it just today.  You do the math.

Tomorrow is Mom's 60th birthday (환갑 HwanGab), which holds a special meaning in the Korean culture.  I'm driving with her down to Santa Barbara for a weekend stay with my sister.

*sigh* I wish I could spawn my clones into parallel universes, make each of them do certain things I have to take care of, then reconcile at the end of this weekend.

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