December 23rd, 2004



Forgot to tie my hair on the back this morning.  It looks like a dazed lion's mane. _-_

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CFP: DDR/ITG/PIU Etiquette Guide

I just got back from MGL.  I'm sad.  Sad to see how fucking inconsiderate and clue-fucking-less the DDR crowd there has stooped down.

Two cases in point:

  1. This kid -- I guess he's about 12-13 years old.  He's quite skilled too, that is, considering his age.  He doesn't cut in line either, unlike a lot of kids around his age.  Apart from occasional tendency to prove himself, he was all good in my book.  That is, until today.

    So I was playing a single ITG game on 2P side.  I guess it's my second song.  I'm trying to PA to a rather quiet (low-volume) song.

    As many of you know, I'm more of an aural than visual player -- that is, I need musical cue to keep myself on beat.  So, I have to concentrate really hard when playing quiet songs -- which I was doing.

    He steps up onto the 1P pad, and starts shadowing.

    And his beat is all fucking off.  (This was a expert/level 9 with a lot of off-beat steps, and he isn't so good at off-beat step planning.


    Then later on.  These two guys are playing side-by-side.  The one on 1P side picked a level challenging for him, and he eventually ran out of the life meter midway (failed) and gave up and just sprawled down on the pad.

    Then the kid gets onto the 1P side, nudging the guy sprawled on the pad with his fucking feet, like Hey geroff my pad so I can take over!


    I was so outrageous I didn't tell the kid off... 'Cause I knew that if I did I was gonna fucking explode.  But next time I see him, I'm so gonna scold him, and if he doesn't change his way, I'm gonna report him to the counter.

  2. This guy.  He was also good in my book, that is, again, up until today.

    Again, I'm an aural player.  And I'm playing this level 9 expert double song, quiet and full of off-beat steps.  Naturally, I'd die for aural cues (music).

    This guy's sitting right next to the machine, that is, literally within a foot from the treble speaker.

    His cellphone rings.  He gets out the phone.  Looks at the phone screen.

    Then he starts to fucking shout into the phone.  Right next to the fucking speaker.


    I ended up getting like 20-30 goods and misses, with sixty-something percents, while I know I could've easily gotten 80+.

Now, I ask you guys: Have you had any similar experience that you want to publicly address?  If there are enough responses, hell, who knows, I might just end up compiling a DDR/ITG/PIU Etiquette Guide and put it onto DDR Freak or something.


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