January 14th, 2005


Holy shit.

The sun's way up in the sky, yet it looks like a hazy moon.

The fog is crazy this morning. o_O

No wait, the fog is apparently thinning up as I write this, and now the scenery looks like a smoky forest after a wildfire, except the red tint.

And I have no camera handy. (I'm at work.)  Damn. :/

And here goes the daily meme, stolen from turboneko:

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Favorite Color
The person who would play Darth Vader is:rosstirona
The person who would play Luke Skywalker is:azhp
Obi-Wan Kenobi would be played by:jaguarandi
Princess Ieia is played by:sherl0k
The person who plays yoda is:xtsinai
Chewie is played by:xhad
Han Solo is played by:hkholly
The person who would play Jabba is:captaincanada
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Each and every cast gives me a chuckle.  Score! :D