January 17th, 2005


Woah.  What a change in wording.

This is the headline at CNN.com now: Poll: Americans divided over Iraq invasion.  See how they said that instead of oh-so-neutral, we-aren't-doing-anything-wrong war in Iraq, the phrase even the liberal side of the media spectrum has been whoring out?  (Yes, even CNN has been saying war in Iraq, if you guys didn't notice.)

About time guys, about damn fucking time the media got their tongue off GWB's ass, at least when it comes to the Iraq invasion issue.


FOBby question of the day II

I hear people saying emo, which I guess stands for emotional.

However...  What is emo music?  People use the phrase as if there exists a separate music genre called emo...  Is this the case, or are they just referring to songs that provoke deep emotions like sorrow, loneliness and such?

Also, is there a rather specific connotation to the word emo in general?  Because I see the word is often used in a derogatory context, e.g. emo fag.



Johnson & Johnson REACH floss < cheap Safeway SELECT floss.

The former gets cut so easily.  Makes me feel like I'm a shark or something. _-_