March 10th, 2005


Has anyone used jlGuiApplet before?

And if so, know of a way to set the initial volume to anything other than the default 80%?  'cause 80% makes the sound clip, and 70% seems to be the maximum I can go without clipping...

Requirement: Has to work in both MSIE and Firefox.


MSNM goodness

(12:08:19) Ayori: hey
(12:08:24) 블루군 - Rawr!: yeh
(12:08:24) Ayori: My redit card number is....
(12:08:30) Ayori: credit card*
(12:08:48) 블루군 - Rawr!: LOL!
(12:09:08) 블루군 - Rawr!: Stupid MSN and its American-friendly reminders XD

I wonder if people would give out their CC number, lose $$$$$$$$$$$ then sue MS, if it didn't put up that Never give out your credit card number during IM conversation warning.