March 15th, 2005


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Reminded by djsyndrome's recent post….

So I was driving down from Davis last Sunday morning along I-680.  It started shortly after passing the Dublin Interchange (the I-580/I-680 one).

I was doing 75 on the fast lane (with no cars behind me), when this one white car kicked right in front of me, forcing me to slam on the brake.

I honked.  Some spiky-haired dude in the back seat of the car looked back at me.  He was Asian.  He gave me a smirking finger.  Then the license plate number came into my attention: AZN PRYD1.  On an Integra.  With a body kit, complete with stickers on the bumper.


Step one.  Check the speed of the cars around and ahead of you.  If it's 75+ on the average, it means no cops around.

Moved all the way to the rightmost lane, which was empty.  Sped up to 85.  Switched to the second lane from the left, about 2 cars' distance from the Integra, which had another car in front of it.

Saw the Integra moving out of the fast lane.  Heh, let it begin.

It zoomed in right behind me, then moved to the right lane.  “Yeah, I know what you're trying to do.” XD  It sped up, and started cutting in front me.  “Fool, don't you see the fast lane's empty?”  By the time it's in the second lane, I'm halfway onto the fast lane.  They must've noticed it too, because the Integra didn't stop there and shifted to the fast lane in such a violent maneuver that it almost stepped into the shoulder.  By the time it counter-maneuvered properly onto the fast lane, I'm back on the second lane, and passing the Integra on its right side. :D

“Hehe, you wanna race me, right?  But you'll have to get out of that fast lane first, 'cause there's another car in front of you…. XD  Oh, here it comes, see you later!”

We're entering a batch of traffic.  It happens to be the point where the hilly winding segment starts between Pleasanton and CA-84.  I shift all the way to the rightmost lane, which is empty, then I see the Integra's still staying in the 1st lane—“Hm, you don't know the 680 traffic well, do you?”  Cars are doing 80+ on the fast lane.  Good, we're still safe.  I speed up to 90, pass 3-4 cars, move onto the 2nd lane, then notice the Integra is finally moving out to the right.  “You wanna follow the suit?  Too late, there are trucks in your lane now. XD”  The Integra gets stuck behind a truck on the 3rd lane and a van on the 2nd lane.  By the time it struggles out of the way, I am way ahead so I don't even see it at times ('cause we're on a winding section).

I pass the CA-84 exit and run down the hill onto the flat section right before the Mission Pass (by which time I'm down to 80, in pace with other cars).  Then I notice in the rearview mirror: That Integra is zooming in at a distance of half a mile or so, but at a tremendous speed—you see, if I can tell if it's zooming in even when it's that far, it says something right there!  “Looks like someone's angry…. XD”

By the time it's behind me, I'm on the 2nd lane.  It approches right behind me, and moves onto the fast lane without slowing down.  “There, you prove once again that you don't know I-680.”  I move onto the rightmost lane, which just opened before the Mission Pass uphill segment.  It's for slow trucks, but there are usually almost no trucks on it on a Sunday morning.  I speed up to 95.  By the time I'm near the top of Mission Pass, the Integra's again quite behind me.

Perfect!  Now my part is over.  I slow down to 75, move onto the 2nd lane, and watch the angry Integra take the same rightmost lane, run up the hill at what I think is at least 100-110, move onto the 3rd lane, and pass me on the right.  “Whatever, I'm not gonna race you, the road's too winding from here on to do anything over 80-85.  Oh and there's one more reason…. *giggles*”

The Integra disappears out of my sight.  I just run down the hill in pace with other cars around me.  About the time I see the sign for Washington Blvd exit in a distance, I see flashing red and green lights on the right shoulder of the freeway, by which time I'm already doing 70 at most, along with all other cars around.  I move onto the rightmost lane, and approach those flashing lights.  I see a white car in front of the police car.  I slow down to 55 so I can read its license plate.

Justice was being served to AZN PRYD1.

“Fool, you should've taken notice when all cars around you suddenly slowed down past the summit.  We weren't chickening out just because of the winding road.  We were chickening out because of the Fremont police jurisdiction—which we, and you, entered at the summit. XD XD XD”

I exit at Mission Blvd (CA-242) to switch onto I-880.  Mission Blvd, eh?  Mission successful. =p

1 The real license plate number was actually not AZN PRYD, but something “along the line of it”.


AOL Changes the AIM TOS

( The new TOS ) state, in place of the old Content You Post section:

Content You Post to Public Areas

As explained in detail in the AIM Privacy Policy, AOL does not read your private online communications when you use any of the communication tools on AIM Products. If, however, you use these tools to post Content or other information to public areas on AIM Products (for example, in chat rooms or online message boards), other online users will have access to this information and Content.

You may only post Content to public areas on AIM Products that you created or which the owner of the Content has given you permission to post. You may not post or distribute Content to public areas on AIM Products that is illegal or that violates these Terms of Service. By posting or submitting Content to public areas of AIM Products, you represent and warrant that (i) you own all the rights to this Content or are authorized to use and distribute this Content to public areas of AIM Products and (ii) this Content does not and will not infringe any copyright or any other third-party right nor violate any applicable law or regulation.

You or the owner of the Content retain ownership of all right, title and interest in Content that you post to public areas of any AIM Product. However, by submitting or posting Content to public areas of AIM Products (for example, posting a message on a message board or submitting your picture for the "Rate-A-Buddy" feature), you grant AOL, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents and licensees the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote this Content in any medium. Once you submit or post Content to any public area on an AIM Product, AOL does not need to give you any further right to inspect or approve uses of such Content or to compensate you for any such uses. AOL owns all right, title and interest in any compilation, collective work or other derivative work created by AOL using or incorporating Content posted to public areas of AIM Products.

AOL is still automatically granted right to use whatever material posted on the public area, and this still annoys me.  (It is the same clause that annoyed me about LJmeme and orkut's TOS.  Actually LJmeme was even worse -- it assumed not just right to use whatever you post; it assumed full ownership of such material.)  However, 1-to-1 IM chat is now exempted; this is enough at least for normal IM usage.

So the only thing we now have to be careful of is to remember not to post any private material or copyrighted work onto an AIM chat room.  This includes seemingly private chat rooms named Chat<insert random digits here>  They could fall into the public chat room category, because, from what I know, anyone can enter those rooms if he/she knows the exact name.

One thing that surprises me is that AOL took less than a few days to amend the TOS.  Compare this to Microsoft, which took almost a month to amend the botched Passport TOS.  Kudos to AOL for that.

Case closed.


Daily meme.

Stolen from turboneko et al.

I feel so lethargic!  themontygirls told me that captaincanada told ardor_sb and xtsinai that I got caught talking to j_mm_r and backstabbing cutriss.  That is SO not true!  And yeah.  You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore.  I'm over that.

What sucks is that I am so going to kick blo_lobo out of the house.  They wore my favorite furry shirt when ddrmel was visiting.  I've never been so embarassed in my life!

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*chuckle* This *giggle* is *LOL* so *LMAO* random! *gasp* XD *dies*