March 27th, 2005


There's this guy named Rich.

Allegedly, he's a senior mechanical & design engineer, and is seeking for a position as project manager in electro-mechanical design, manufacturing, product development, R&D, and/or CADD.


I became to know about him Collapse )

OTL.  Whatever brain-dead company ends up hiring him, it deserves to have its food supply hose removed. _-_


Quick rant against a specific person (you'll know who you are).

What kind of god or something do you think you are, by making judgements about me even without giving me a chance to speak for myself, just because someone else shittalked about me?  Did it occur to you at all that she might've been biased because she was upset from being directly involved in the case?

A note to other people: A lot of people get involved in random dramas due to this ungodly idiocy, which aggravates the hell out of me.  Be forewarned.

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