March 29th, 2005


Service announcement for readers

This journal, The Lighthouse, is optimized for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or higher.  Some of the markups used here won't show up correctly in Internet Explorer because of its non-compliance with W3C HTML/CSS standard, with <q>...</q> tags being most notable -- ( according to the W3C HTML 4.01 standard, ) the browser should enclose the contents in quotation marks; IE doesn't do that.

So yes, ( go get Firefox now. ) :D


LJ dramas and comments

( Spotted ) on zqfmbg...

<crystal> what annoys me is
<crystal> when people respond to that dumb drama stuff,
<crystal> not by commenting
<crystal> by writing in thier own lj, with comments turned off
<crystal> "blah!  blah blah blah"

... ala Hi!  I'm too weak to stand by my words!  So I'm gonna turn off comments!  Have fun!

Frantically agreed.  That wimpy shit annoys the fuck out of me too.