April 7th, 2005



At the salad/hot food lunch bar of a local Mollie Stone's -- a grocery store just like Safeway, only smaller, and with a lot of kosher food...  Uh yeah, you get the idea, it's a dominantly Jewish establishment, at the heart of the former downtown Palo Alto...

Random white guy: *hesitates in front of a tray full of grilled spicy sausage pieces*
Random white guy: *gulps*
Random white guy: *picks up two pieces*
Random white guy: *smiles ala That'll do...*
Random white guy: *hands Eugene the cooking scoop*
Eugene: *wears a huge smile* Thanks!
Eugene: *dumps three full scoops into his own box*
Random white guy: ......
Eugene: :D
Random white guy: ......;;;;

Yes mister, I am Korean. :D


Answer to "What do you think these people are doing?"

fuzn got it right.  Someone tried to cross the tracks to get to the other side of the platform.  While he was climbing to the platform, a train came in, and he got stuck between the train and the platform (about 4 inches of space; think of your own stomach getting crushed that thin).

People panicked, then they started pushing the car as shown, because it was evident the man was gonna die.

He was freed in about 3 minutes, got rushed to an emergency room, but unfortunately didn't make it.

Yes, all this happened at a crowded subway station of Seoul, one of the busiest cities in the world.  Shows this world still got empathy; shows this world is still a livable place.