April 19th, 2005


When DDR met McDonalds...

astralblue: gtonizuka: Hell, you could even probably get a government subsidy if the Fast Food Industry wasn't so fucked in the US.
gtonizuka: McDonalds spends 200 Billion dollars on ads, while the Department of Health gets 2 Million for Healthy food ads?What the fuck?Advertise DDR.....hell, let me do a DDR Mix....I'd make them dons of cash.
astralblue: The first thing that popped in my head: "... Uhh, what if... Konami had a secret deal w/ McDonalds?"
gtonizuka: WOW.
gtonizuka: IF someone puts Ronald McDonald on DDR, I'm fucking someone up.
astralblue: LOL
gtonizuka: Select Your Song!
gtonizuka: "I'm Lovin It!"
astralblue: ......
gtonizuka: "I'm Lovin' It!(KOA Mix)"
astralblue: .......... *suffers third degree brain damage*
gtonizuka: "I'd Hit It!(b-boy "in da hood") Mix"
gtonizuka: "Butterfly("Free Toy In Every Meal Mix")

... At this point I lost all my energy to type anything back...  Jahi, you fucked me up... T_T