April 22nd, 2005


As of today, I'm officially a fan of...

... Shel Silverstein.

Doesn't the name ring a bell?  Well, I hope any of these titles would...

  • The Giving Tree (아낌없이 주는 나무)
  • The Missing Piece (어디로 갔을까 나의 한 쪽은)
  • The Missing Piece Meets the Big O
  • Falling Up

... Yeah, exactly.  I didn't know they were all by Silverstein.

There's one reason that I love his works.  They're unmistakably didactic (and they're intended for kids and up too), but the actual lesson learned varies from time to time.  That is, you read it one day and realize something, then you open the book months or even years later, and you learn a new lesson from exactly the same story.  Rather, they don't teach you a lesson, but they make you think a lot.  Truly fantastic -- it's hard to find books with such a quality, and Silverstein's works truly deserve a permanent spot on one's bookshelf exactly for this reason.

If you haven't read them recently, or even worse, if you haven't read them at all...  Pick an idle afternoon, go to a library and pick up the book, grab a chair near a window with sunlight pouring through it, and start reading.  Slowly...  Allow yourself to contemplate freely and match each page, each picture with your own past.


Finding a Spouse

Taken from my highschool alumni board [ www.bawi.org ]...

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Points #2 through #4 are truer than anything else could be.  Especially #3: Too Hurtful a Love Is Not a Love.  Damn f*bzzt*ing1 word right there.

1 Masked out in order to thwart the 수호천사 service, which got no clue whatsoever about contemporary English usage of the word f*bzzt*ing.  Those motherf*bzzt*ers badly need a reality check. -_-;;