April 26th, 2005


Firefox/Win32 Tip: Webpages with Background Music

  1. Install [ Apple Quicktime ] first.
    This installs Firefox plugins for in-browser multimedia playback support.

  2. Install [ Ogg QuickTime Components ].
    This adds Ogg/Vorbis support to QuickTime and its plugins for Firefox.

  3. Install [ BGM Conductor ].

BGM Conductor is an extension for Firefox for Windows(works on all platforms supported by Firefox).  It does a number of things:

  • It lets you stop, or even prevent, background music from playing.
    This is useful when you're at work, or when you use your laptop at a quiet place like a library... :D

  • It makes Firefox understand IE-specific <bgsound> tags.
    This is the reason for this plug (^^a) — I'm gonna make my future Music of the Day posts play the song in the background when you click into the LJ-cut.  Because LiveJournal disallows the use of <object> or <embed> tags for security reasons, which is nevertheless understandable, I have to stick to <bgsound> tags.


On the LJ car drama on my friends page... :)

Couple of things.

  1. Before any of you bash domestic, or actually any brand of cars...  Have you ever read side-by-side and quantitative reviews published by third party consumer organizations?  [ Consumer Reports ] comes to my mind.

    Hmm, let's see what CR had to say...  *logs on*

    ... OMG!  Ford Focus is #1 in the small car division!  It even beat Prius, Corolla and Civic!

    ... WTF?!  Frickin' Hyundai XG350 got CR recommendation!  No way, it's impossible, Hyundai's Korean!

    You get the idea.  See, no matter how crappy reputation Hyundai cars usually receive, if a specific model actually performs well, just go for it.  Same thing applies to domestic cars.  Focus is cheaper than Prius by at least several thousand dollars, and performs better.  Shit, why wouldn't I go for it?  Because I'll look dumb and all patriotic?  Bullshit.

  2. Blind patriotism -- and actually excessive protectionism too -- eventually harms both producers and consumers in the long run.  Think about it, it isn't that hard to figure out why.  Hint: Think about what kind of harm oligopoly does to companies.

Edit: djsyndrome has an important point:

And for those that complain that the Japanese and Korean automakers are taking away American jobs, they should consider that the Focus is built in Mexico, along with a plethora of other "American" vehicles, while the majority of the Japanese cars sold in America are now built right here in the USA :O