May 3rd, 2005


Music Stuck in the Head

Kylie Minogue — Love at First Sight, followed by...
4 Strings — Take Me Away (into the Night)

Looks like I'm having a DDRMAX2 day. XD  I wonder if I'll end up incessantly humming these well into the team meeting this morning...  Hmmm, Will I?  =3


[Shameless Community Plug] Daily Workout Log

You know, workout is mostly a struggle with yourself, and it can be disappointing, tedious, and boring if you just keep your progress to yourself, especially when it's slow.  Sometimes it gets even to the point you wanna just slack or even quit...

daily_workout addresses that.  This is where you can let everyone else know how you're doing with that workout routine you try and stick to.  It'll be great for those of you who work out without a partner or a trainer. :D

Interested?  [ Examine the rules and join! :D ]