May 24th, 2005


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So last night, I sat down and thought about dating principles for a while...  And concluded that I need to drop leftover axioms and taboos from my days in Korea, if I'm ever to be recognized as a normal guy here in the states.  Of course, the basic rules are the same.  But there are a lot of cultural dos and don'ts that are way different between here and Korea; sometimes old Korean axioms that I held have biased me and prevented me from pursuing an otherwise perfectly acceptable dating chance.  In the end, the loser has always been no one else but I.

Basically, I'm going to implement the old idiom — When in Rome, do as Romans do — into my social life.  So everyone, expect a different Eugene...  And pardon the dust while the renovation is in progress.


You Know What I Hate About Fame/Stardom?

Random people stop you on the street to tell you Oh, I know your music...  Then they stare at you, like they're expecting some Oh wow, thank you, thank you! ^^ type of responses from you.  As if you were some sort of servant or something to them.

What's even worse, some even have the audacity to get pissed off if you don't promptly thank them back.

That's why I never made Midnight Blue an official or promotional event.  Not to brag or anything, but if I really wanted to, I can set it up so as to build a thick fandom in no time.  But I don't really like the consequences (as I've said before in some other post).  Hell, even now...  Even now that Midnight Blue is strictly for a couple of friends, some of them get pissed off if they ask me to practice and play something for them and I refuse.  Even fucking now.

A couple of minutes ago, I barely kept myself from shooting back: What am I to you?  A slave?

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