June 5th, 2005


Synchronized Love!

So I have two roommates, Cynan and Marcel.  Cynan loves Katamari Damacy, but Marcel absolutely hates it 'cause the game makes no sense... XD  Once in a while I play KD tunes on the piano just to annoy him (especially when he says he hates the game).

And today I got my own copy...

Me: Hey, see what I bought for myself today! *shows the KD game DVD*
Marcel: ... -_-
Me: *grins*
Marcel: So we have two copies now?
Me: Yes. *grins even wider*
Marcel: Get out of my room.  I don't want that game here. -_-;
Me: XD
Me: You know what'd be funny?
Marcel: What?
Me: Cynan and I could play the game on his PS2 and mine at the same time, and we could start the same stage exactly at the same time in order to synchronize the background music to each other. XD
Marcel: ... No.
Me: How about yes? XD XD
Marcel: How about I move out? -_-;;;;
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