June 20th, 2005


Daily Meme

Borrowed from turboneko and modified:

GUYS: Turned ON or OFF when a girl:

  • dresses like a prep: OFF
  • dresses in all black: N/C
  • doesn't care what she wears: ON
  • is tough but sweet: ON
  • sings: ON
  • plays a musical instrument: ON
  • is skinnier than you: ON
  • is bigger than you: N/C
  • is shorter than you: ON
  • is taller than you: N/C
  • has straight teeth: ON
  • wears braces: N/C
  • has chapped lips: N/C
  • has green eyes: OFF
  • has blue eyes: ON
  • has brown eyes: ON
  • has long hair: N/C
  • has short hair: ON
  • drinks alcohol: ON
  • smokes cigarettes: N/C
  • smokes pot: OFF
  • wears glasses: ON
  • has blonde hair: N/C
  • has brown hair: ON
  • has black hair: ON
  • is tan: ON
  • works out: ON
  • smiles more than not: ON
  • calls you just to say HI: ON
  • smacks your butt: ON
  • compliments you: ON
  • shaves her legs: N/C
  • wears jewelry: N/C
  • has bigger feet than you: N/C
  • has smaller feet than you: N/C
  • wears perfume: ON
  • smiles when you walk into the room: ON
  • wants to be a mom: N/C
  • has long legs: ON
  • has a big ass: OFF
  • has a long upper body: N/C
  • has big boobs: N/C
  • wears granny panties: OFF
  • wears a thong: N/C
  • is a virgin: N/C
  • is "easy": N/C
  • shaves/has tile not crapet: N/C
  • plays with your hair: ON
  • writes on you: ON
  • has eyes that sparkle: ON

N/C = Not Care