July 4th, 2005



  1. The main SEGV gig (Friday 17:00-18:00) sucked.  A major ass.  Don't ask.  -_ -

  2. The SEGV Lite gig (Saturday 15:30-20:30, yep, frickin' five hours straight!) went pretty well though.

  3. Missed tons of people—especially johnny_rainbow—because I was 200% taken up by SEGV and other shit.  Sorry! :p

  4. wilykitsune is one heck of a sweetie.  <3

  5. The Exhibit Hall (a.k.a. the Dealer's Room) sucked this year.  80+% of the stuff that was there this year, I'm pretty sure I've seen them last year. -_-

  6. Shinsengumi in Fountain Valley (18315 Brookhurst IIRC, together with Ralph's in the same mall) owns me for free with its ramen, gyoza and raw octopus.  Much thanks to wilykitsune for opening my eyes to it and mapleofsyrup for suggesting the Dinner Set D.  <3

  7. Veronica, the head lady of AniMatsuri; Sin, the AniMatsuri MC/sound system guy; Michael, the raffle/game ticket guy...  SEGV can't be thankful enough to them for their help with everything—especially arranging a slot for SEGV Lite on Saturday, and inviting us to perform again on Sunday too although we couldn't make it for a couple of reasons.

  8. The Philly Cheese Steak sold at the concessions stand in the Exhibit Hall is frickin' jawsome 'cause it's soooo drippin' fatty.  A great pusher through an exhausting day.  Yum.  XD

  9. The rush-hour traffic of LA sucks.

  10. Water bottles in the guest room of Jolly Roger's Inn of Anaheim (where jcofrtf and I stayed) cost $2.00 a pop.  And they're right on the bedside table.  Hella evil.  XD

  11. Found the Macross Complete CD Set.  Cost $99, but worth every penny of it.  <3

  12. Listened to the Macross and Mononoke Hime CDs on the way back to NorCal.  Three songs (one from Macross and two from Mononoke Hime) have been added to my repertoire as a result.  XD

More to come after the dinner.  <3

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Back II

  1. Got an '05 Fanime shirt.  <3 xtsinai

  2. [ ROOP ] is pretty cool.  I got their demo CD.

  3. It so happened that I missed out [ My Beautiful Girl, Mari. ]  Sniff.

  4. My car has an awesome amount of cargo space; An 88-key (piano-size) synth, two guitars, two speakers, a piano stool, a hand truck, two suitcases, an electronic drumset frame plus bunch of other random shit all fit into the car.  <3

  5. Nyanko was everywhere in the Exhibit Hall.  Okay, it's cute and all, but seriously, its ubiquity is reaching the point of being sickening...

  6. Narutards were everywhere too.  *sigh*

  7. Vuduberi this year was way below my expectation...  ;_;

  8. Most of the works displayed on the Art Exhibit section sucked, but there were a couple of awesome drawings.

  9. Thank goodness, there were much less sign-wearers/-holders this year.

  10. An otaku wore a huge Girlfriend Wanted sign though.  *SIGH*

  11. Listening to the FF Terra theme a couple of times and playing it at SEGV Lite on the fly was fun.  Last-minute cramming is always thrilling, you know...  XD

  12. Speaking of SEGV Lite, there might be something big coming next year...  Details are being worked out.

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Just realized this one thing...

A vast majority of people (ladies) who have deep and pretty eyes wear so thick and strong an eye makeup that it destroys the natural beauty of their eyes.  Shame.  And pity.  WTH is up with this?  _-_;