July 7th, 2005


Two Things for Now


May the eternal peace be with all the innocent.

All the innocent who could've done without the untimely and tragic end to their lives.

No matter what fucked-up things the U.S. and U.K. governments did, you guys didn't deserve to be slaughtered like that.


I was reading [ a CNN.com article, ] which quoted this line from the statement that claimed responsibility for the attack:

We gave the warning, so we should not be blamed.

To which I say...

Dear Secret Organization group al Qaeda Organization in Europe,

You know what?  The U.S. gave the warning to Iraq repeatedly before invading it.  So you cannot blame the U.S. while saying that.

Fuck you,
Eugene Kim


ATTN: ferrari_iidx

Can you submit an authoritative definition of jiggens to urbandictionary.com?  I'm growing tired of explaining the term on every occasion I use it...  XD

(Well, except in fairly obvious cases like Holy jiggens! and such. XD)


이거 참.

어쩌면 너에게 감사해야 할 지도 모른다.  어쩌자고 밴드 피아노 녹음 돌아올 때 타이밍 딱딱 맞춰서 드라마 하나씩 만들어 놓냐고.  뭐 그래도 이번 건이 아마 나에게는 마지막일 테니, 세번째 앨범부터는 아마 네 도움이 필요없을 것 같긴 하다만.

그래도 이거.  허허.  앨범자켓에 Special thanks to 해서 네 이름이라도 넣어야 할까나.  응?

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이거 참 II.

世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ ← When あき smiles, she looks awfully like 은미.

Yeah, sup dead memories.

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