July 19th, 2005


Quote of the Day

익숙해진 가면을 벗고, 자신의 일상을 낯설게 보기 시작한 당신에게 격려의 박수를 보냅니다.  이제 당신은 보다 자기다운 삶에 한발 더 다가섰군요.

I give you an applause of encouragement, for you took off the mask that you are accustomed to, and began to throw unfamiliar looks at your daily life; for I see you are a step closer to a truer yourself.

― Hyeong-Gyeong Kim, in a counseling letter to a lady who is about to drop the Good Listener front for her own sake

Finding oneself.  Setting out for what seems like El Dorado.  Been in that journey for more than a decade, and now it feels like it's gonna be an eternal one.  Hah, c'est la vie...

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ATTN: FetusMart Lovers

The official image host, members.aol.com (-__-), seems to disallow hotlinking/off-site image linking, so I created a mirror...  When you copy and paste the code, change this image URL prefix:


To this prefix:


And all will be well!  :D

FYI, here's [ the main FetusMart page ] if you wanna check it out again...  XD