September 9th, 2005


IP What?!

“NOTE WELL” in the IETF ] context stands for the mandatory statement which dictates that all ideas submitted at any IETF activity, either verbally or in writing (including e-mail lists), should meet the official IETF Intellectual Property Right (IPR) guideline as documented in RFC 3979 ].  Specifically, by proposing whatever new idea to any IETF working group, the submitter acknowledges that the idea, when patented or otherwise protected by intellectual property laws, will be licenseable upon an open, reasonable and non-discriminatory basis (preferrably royalty-free), to whomever wants to license it.

IETF requires this NOTE WELL to be announced at and before every official IETF gathering.

With this said, following is the official minutes from the IETF NFSv4 working group meeting in last August.

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