September 15th, 2005


Do As Infinity Disbands

The notice ] from Do As Infinity's official website (

It has been six years since we made our debut on September 29, 1999.  We were able to carry on our music career successfully thanks to the tremendous support we have received.  We appreciate it, although it is never easy to express our grateful feelings in words.  And, September 29 this year, we make a new turn.

We walk our own ways.

Tomiko Van, as a solo artist;
Ryo Owatari, as a band performer in “Missile Innovation”;
Dai Nagao, as a producer of “Amasia Landscape” et al; as a writer.

We believe this is a natural flow, as the result of our effort to make the next step as artists and musicians.  We wish the treasures each of us collected through the six diligent years would turn out useful in our music activity forthcoming.

Do As Infinity disbands.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Stay tuned for our future endeavours.

― Tomiko Van, Ryo Owatari and Dai Nagao
Do As Infinity

Translation copyright © 2005 Minsung Kim.  Collapse )


HTML OTL of the Day

The official Snort documentation, section 3.5 “Payload Detection Rule Options” ]

Dear whoever wrote the documentation,

You can embed literal “<” and “>” characters in HTML by using “&lt;” and “&gt;” HTML character entities.  For more entities like this, please see Character entity references in HTML 4 ], chapter 24 of HTML 4.01 Specification, W3C Recommendation 24 December 1999.

Seriously, that will save you a lot of time and effort as you won't have to open your favorite paint program just to create a GIF with a single letter in it.

Yours truly,

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Since my friends list has gone through a couple of changes, I decided to retake this...

astralblue's LJ stalker is mr_wendell!
mr_wendell is stalking you because your LiveJournal is just SO damned interesting. They are also not very liked around here!

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Wendell?  Not liked?!  \(x_x)¬