September 30th, 2005


This Completes My Photography Chain...

Factory-refurbished1 HP Color LaserJet 3700dtn2 ]
Original price $2249$939

This is going to be useful for printing other illustration works that I occasionally do...  (Yes, Claudia, this will also print our business cards.  :D)

1 Factory-refurbs carry manufacturer warranty; this is why I prefer them over other second-hand markets, such as eBay, for items whose wear-and-tear is critical.

2 “dtn” = duplexing (double-side printing), extra paper tray, and networking support.


I Hate Trigs

Care to reduce?


Reducing this would work too. _-_ (P=cos(θ1θ2))


By the way, the formula above is the angle ∠AOB where A and B are two points with spherical coordinates (ρ,(π/2)−φ1,θ1) and (ρ,(π/2)−φ2,θ2), ρ≠0, and O is the origin.  ((π/2)−φ means that φ is the latitude, not the azimuth.)