October 6th, 2005


Stolen from vintagepeahen


I took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

Urgently in need of rest, relaxation, peace, and a...

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*shrugs*  Certain things are accurate, others are not...  The overall You're in a mood to achieve things assessment seems to be spot on though.


Stolen from nabikchan, mr_wendell and litajup657

Google search for your name and add the word "needs" on the end, and then post the best 5 results.
  1. Eugene Needs Housing Standards
  2. Just What Eugene Needs, Another Wackjob
  3. Eugene needs to stop racial profiling by holding police accountable for their actions.
  4. Eugene needs and deserves a popular, thoughtful, and comprehensive sustainability plan.
  5. Eugene needs to ensure that commercial and industrial land supplies are adequate to meet the current and future economic needs of the community as required by state law.

Ahahaha.  I wonder how it is to live in the City of Me.  XD