October 29th, 2005


Ah, Lovely.  Just Lovely.

restore(8) coredumps.  I hereby declare my WTF moment of the year. -_-;

I guess it's time to debug it….  God, you know, this isn't supposed to happen.  I mean, if you have to debug a critical emergency tool like dump(8) and restore(8)—I had to debug dump(8) a while ago, in order to make it work with the tape drive I have at home—there's something seriously wrong right there.

Fuck this, I need to calm down first.


New Photography Spot

On a lighter and happier note, simply gorgeous is “Romero Visitor Center” of that one huge reservoir/dam along CA-152 between US 101 and I-5.  Especially during late autumn and winter (the sun sets just in the right direction).

Today I took a couple of shots which, if they come out properly, would probably be one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever taken.  :)

Ayori, you should check it out before, uhh, your chance is gone for about an year…. XD  Also, didn't you say Aaron liked fishing?  Apparently fishing's allowed there too….  I've seen a couple of people there as I was leaving; didn't ask them whether it required a permit though (I should have)….  :p