November 16th, 2005


Fuck You of the Day

Dear America Online,

Thank you oh so very much for adding random unsolicited “AIM Bot” SNs to each and every buddy list of mine.

Sincerely t(-_-t),

P.S.  My dear sweet AOL, thank you, thank you, thank you even more for monitoring my buddy list activities and automatically spamming me with the link to “Learn more about AIM Bots” page when I removed your precious bots from the list.  Your careful concern about my privacy is immensely appreciated.

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calmkakashi's Up; Are You?

A celebrating get-together this weekend?

Saturday 7pm till who knows when.

Some Korean place for a dinner (haven't decided the type of food, which will probably depend on the size of the party) in the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale area, Palace BBQ Buffet ] in Sunnyvale, followed by whatever pops up.

Anyone?  :D  Collapse )