November 21st, 2005


Fuck You of the Day

Dear Answer Financial/

When you send a spam, be sure to check the LHS of the at-mark to see if it contains any identifying mark that tells you that the email address was given to you and only you.  Like:

If this is indeed the case, you're basically caught redhanded even if you tried to avoid the blame by using some different credential such as “Answer Financial” (you were when I gave you the addy).

Good job, and goodbye.  The address will no longer be valid, have fun with it.

Sincerely t(-_-t),


I Love My Cerebral Self…

Any trace of serenity, be it however slight, makes me think and retrospect a lot whenever I watch random films or animes, or read random novels.

Replace the “a lot” above with “for the rest of the day” and it still holds true, if it's the ending that is serene.

Add “emotional” before the “serenity” above, and it even stimulates the artistic creativity inside of me.

It's lovely.  No, really.

P.S.  Case in point: 魔法遣いに大切なこと/Someday's Dreamers.  I've come up with:

  • One AMV continuity,
  • Two piano arrangements of the main theme—the one that plays, among countless other times, in the second half of Yume's certification test, and
  • One “image” composition

… All within the 6 hours yesterday between finishing the last episode and going to bed.

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