December 6th, 2005


Note for Self

Naengmyon (Korean cold noodle) and makkoli (a kind of thick rice wine) dehydrates the fuck outta me.

I had to down about 1.5 litres of water around 4am to rehydrate myself and treat a sore throat.  That was a close call—harsh voice and stinging throat wouldn't mix well up with an important business trip.  -_-


From an Interview of Jin Kim the Cartoonist

Then I suppose you often feel naked when you work and take it granted.

Yes.  A cartoonist isn't that great a person at all.  It's just that he's overegotistic.  No matter how a new cartoonist plays shy and weak in front of me, I tell him “How bold you are to think you'd sell your drawings!”  Those who believe that their work will actually sell are well overegotistic just for that belief.  …

― <레모네이드처럼> <1815> <바람의 나라>의 만화가 김진
An interview ] printed in Cine21 ].

As a professional musician, I have to frantically agree.  For the level of artistic pride and egotism in me sometimes frightens even myself, exactly for the same reason.

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어쩜 그렇게 닮았을까.

자기 중심 못 잡고 이리저리 흔들리는 게,
터프하고 엽기적인 면에 감춰진 그 약한 모습이,
한 때 좋아했던 그녀를 보는 것만 같아 참 가슴이 시리다.

바보 링이.  너 자신부터 사랑해야 된단 말야….
그러는 법을 배우고, 자존감을 알고서야,
그리고 나서야 다른 사람을 진정
사랑하게 되는 거란 말야.

너 그렇게 아프면
아퍼, 나도.


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