December 21st, 2005


Stolen from gtonizuka

Eleven Years Ago… (1994)

  • I played in a rock band named Kang-Jeok (The Unformidable).
  • I learned HTML, back when the whole HTML standard fit into one short web page.
  • I bought a Roland Sound Canvas (SC-55mkII).

Five Years Ago… (2000)

  • I started playing DDR.
  • And lost 10 pounds.
  • I was an IPv6 zealot.
  • I had my first colocated server ever back in Korea.

Last Year…

  • My sister got married.
  • I cut my hair short, and felt and understood why girls do it every time there's a big thing in their life.
  • I hated my job.


  • I found out there's the year-end double token special at Santa Cruz Boardwalk, where I'm gonna dumbfound token counter clerks today.  XD
  • I couldn't sleep until 3:30am.  Damn the jetlag.
  • I saw a cute kitten.  ♥

Five Snacks I Love

  • Water
  • Any Umphasized drink
  • Gummy bears/worms/fruits
  • Beef jerky
  • Dried oysters

Five Things That Make Me Happy

  • Piano
  • That feeling after a workout
  • Sleeping
  • Rain
  • Shower/bath

Five Fictional People I Would Like to Date

  • 藤井 樹 ♀ (Love Letter by 岩井俊二)
  • にゃもちゃん (あずまんが大王)
  • Helen Sui (Labihem Police by 강경옥 Kyeong-Ok Kang)
  • Grown-up Angela Brookes (魔法遣いに大切なこと)
  • Far Graciel (Future Walker by 이영도 Young-Do Lee)

Five Favourite TV Shows

(Skipped; I don't watch TV.)

Five Albums That Will Always Remind Me of '05

  • PAINARK, “보물상자 Treasure Chest”
  • Leeds, “Memory”
  • Andrea Bocelli, “Cieli di Toscana”
  • Vangelis, “Reprise”
  • Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx, “Avenue Q”