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Tagged by xtsinai...

List 10 things in a day that give you a moment of joy, and tag five of your friends.

  1. Pulling over a beautiful melody passing in my head successfully onto the piano.
  2. Muscles feeling totally numb and pumped after a workout.
  3. A friend calling me out of the blue to say hi.
  4. Waking up early in the morning before the alarm goes off at 7.
  5. Returning from a trip to Kyopo Market, with all sorts of Korean food.
  6. Passing a level 15+ Nightmare song on PIU.
  7. Making an eye contact with the adorable cat next door.
  8. Striking the right balance of taste when cooking.
  9. Finishing a long book.
  10. Being tagged for a meme like this. XD
  1. drhikaru
  2. jcofrtf
  3. litajup657
  4. maplesyrup
  5. mr_wendell