March 20th, 2006



Recently I added this one PIU player from Mexico onto my MSN contact list (we met on

Today, she sent me a chain letter.  In Spanish.

I wouldn't be surprised if I soon began to get spams in Spanish (in addition to English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian so far).  _-_;;;

P.S.  Wow, there was a blinding flash outside the window, then a loud thunder within one second, then it began to shower and lasted for about 30 seconds.  That was such a textbook sequence of “lightning → thunder → rain.”  XD

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Chef's quitting controversy: He wasn't in a shape to announce his quitting ]

And I quote one line out of the article:

That certainly begs the question of who issued the statement that Hayes was quitting “South Park” now because it mocked Scientology four months ago.  If it wasn't Hayes, then who would have done such a thing?

Well, yeah, so there.  At least it tells me how screwed up Scientology may actually be, if this lingering suspicion proves to be true.

And here's another quote:

Meantime, Tom Cruise may have gotten Comedy Central to pull its repeat of “South Park”'s Scientology spoof last week, but the result is that episode is all over the Web.  You can see it for free at

Not only that, the Comedy Central Web site has four clips from the 21-minute show.  And it also says that “Trapped in the Closet” will air this Wednesday at 10 p.m.

So whether or not Cruise actually did use influence at Viacom/Paramount to get the show pulled from last week's schedule, here it is, bigger and better than ever.  Of course, no one would have cared one way or another if “Trapped” simply had aired on schedule.




Fuck, this is crazy; there has to be something wrong or fishy going on here.

My March PG&E bill, which covers 32 days (from 2006-2-10 through 2006-3-13), says this house has used over two thousand kilowatt-hours (2380kWh to be precise) of electricity—fucking 3.1kW on the average.  I got billed over $650 just for electricity.

What's even funnier: This house is notorious for its arcane internal wiring, which can barely handle 15A/1725W per room.  3100W means two out of three rooms in this house maxed out the capacity almost 24/7.

At this point, I'm even considering the possibility of some neighbor stealing electricity from this house.

Edit: While researching on energy theft, I found this one “innovative” theft scheme (quoted from He wound half a mile of copper cable around his garage, creating a giant induction coil capable of powering most of his home appliances.