July 10th, 2006



MGL doesn't open until 10am, by which time I have to be at work. ;_;


(15:58:05) xtsinai: so you didnt get to play ddr this morning huh?
(15:58:15) astralblue: No ;__;
(15:58:22) astralblue: Stupid lazy MGL ;__;
(15:58:33) xtsinai: patience iago. patience
(15:58:42) astralblue: ;_____;
(15:58:46) xtsinai: o,o
(15:58:56) astralblue: There's still an hour to go before I can take off work! ;_____;
(15:59:02) xtsinai: i bet somewhere in thsi world there is a lonely ddr:sn machine...it's just not anywhere near you at the moment


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