February 23rd, 2007


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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 16:38:49 +0100
From: Mr. David Jong-hee. Seoul,South Korea. <davidjonghee@mariemutton.co.uk>
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Subject: Your reply will be appreciated

I will introduce myself I am Mr.David Jong-hee a Banker working in a bank in south Korea Until now I am the account officer to most of the south Korea government accounts and I have since discovered that most of the account are dormant account with alot of money in the account on further investigation I found out that one particular account belong to the former president of south Korean MR PARK CHUNG HEE,who ruled south Korean from 1963-1979 and this particular account has a deposit of $48m with no next of kin. My proposal is that since I am the account officer and the money or the account is dormant and there is no next of kin obviously the account owner the former president of South Korea has died long time ago, that you should provide an account for the money to be transferred. The money that is floating in the bank right now is $48m and this is what I want to transfer to your account for our mutual benefit. Please if this is okay by you I will advice that you contact me through my direct email address. Please this transaction should be kept confidential. For your assistance as the account owner we shall share the money on equal basis. Your reply will be appreciated. Thank you. David Jong-hee

Dear Mr. Scammer,

There are so many wrong things in this that I almost don't know where to start:

  1. There are few Korean last names which consist of two syllables, and “Jong-Hee” is certainly not one of them.  Jong-Hee may be an English-friendly romanization of “종희”, which is a first name.  Maybe you weren't aware of the Northeastern Asian convention of putting the surname first, then the given name.  Good job, moron.

  2. The correct timezone of Korea is +0900 (i.e. 9 hours ahead of UTC), not +0100, which is for European and certain African countries.  Good job, idiot.

  3. There is no single, exclusive bank designated for government accounts in Korea.  Good job, ignorant asshole.

  4. The late President Park had not just one but three children, who are all alive well:

    • Ji-Man Park (박지만), a son and youngest of the three, who had long been a drug addict but is slowly recovering now,
    • Geun-Young Park (박근영), younger of the two daughters and the chairperson of The Korean Children's Center (육영재단), of which Young-Soo Yuk, her late mother and a well-respected first lady, had been taking care until she was assassinated by North Korea in 1974, and
    • Geun-Hye Park (박근혜), the other daughter, eldest of the three, and a currently active, high-profile politician in GNP—the dominant opposition party—who is preparing for the upcoming presidential election in this December.

    Yeah, no-next-of-kin my ass.  Good job, clueless fucker.

All in all, you failed at teh intraweb.  Again, good fucking job, congratulations!

Have a nice day t(^^t),

Edit: And it was pointed out:

(10:19:24) superbread: rofl x3
(10:19:34) superbread: that and his email is co.uk