April 25th, 2007


Numbingly Neutral

So, while my car's in the repair shop, I've been driving this Honda Accord V6, which can do 21mpg (…) city and 30mpg highway.  In the first week of driving, I got 23mpg overall (…;;;) although I was mostly driving on a freeway—I commute between Sunnyvale and San Mateo.  So I tried something different: Liberal usage of neutral gear position, mostly in mild or stop-and-go city traffic, and for downhill coasting because I can sense a terrible amount of engine braking/drag if I just lift the foot off the gas pedal without shifting to N -_-.

I just refueled it this morning, and it scored 27.5mpg overall.

Can't be unhappy at 20% extra miles.  XD


California = ♥

Dear DMV regional office of Santa Clara,

Thank you for accepting my SR-1 right at the front line and saving me from having to wait 98172638712 minutes holding a number ticket anxiously in hand.  XD

You Rock,