May 29th, 2007


Kolean Goodness for Those Who Are 21+

This post is primarily for mr_wendell, but anyone over 21 will find it useful as well.  :-)

Plum Makkoli

  • 1–2 parts makkoli – Idong Hyang-Yeon (second left in the picture below) is recommended, but if not available, you can substitute the regular Idong makkoli (leftmost).  Note: For Hyang-Yeon, be sure to check the expiration date on the packaging; try and get one with at least 3 months left until its expiration date, as makkoli loses carbonation as it naturally ages.

  • 1 part any sweet plum (maesil) soft drink; my personal favorite is Momezon, the one made by Lotte.

  • Mix and stir.  Do not shake too much because makkoli is slightly carbonated.

  • Best when slightly chilled.

Electric blue^

(Special thanks to fellow tridecadal club members who were at Fanime for the name LOL)

  • 1 part San brand soju:

  • 2–4 parts Powerade Mountain Blast

  • Mix and stir/shake.

  • Best at the room temperature; can be enjoyed chilled if one finds the scent of soju a bit too strong, especially at the 1:2 ratio.

Both makkoli and soju are found easily at local Korean grocery stores, with the exception of Hyang-Yeon makkoli, which can be hard to come by at times.  I usually get mine at Hankook Market ].