October 30th, 2007


In Memoriam: Jun-ichiro “itojun” Itoh Hagino

Itojun, one of those few who earned the best of my respect has passed away yesterday.  He was 37.

Itojun was a proud geek (see his personal website for evidences), a brilliant software developer (for one, he was one of those few who held commiter's privilege on each and every major BSD project), but most of all, he was a man of awesome personality.  Brilliant yet generous, he would make it a happy habit to share what he has earned and learned with people around him, often becoming an inspiration in himself.  I have known him on and off for about 6 years, and he has always been a pleasant, easy-going person who never hesitated when I asked him for help, be it major or minor.

Second last week, I met him in Tokyo, when he invited me to his place (he promised the other day he'd let me browse his shojo/josei manga collection, which is supposedly huge).  I couldn't do it because I had to leave for Korea early next morning.  He seemed disappointed, and I promised him I would spend at least one full night next time I visit Tokyo.

Itojun, I'm sorry I can't fulfill that promise, and I will miss you a lot.  See you later, when the time and karma of mine meets yours again….

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