April 1st, 2008



… Will shortly become the first arcade in NorCal with PIU NX2.  They are currently waiting for a missing part, which should arrive early next week.  Can't wait for it to go up and running!  XD XD XD


Gordon Biersch Dunkelweizen

It isn't as good as its predecessor, Hefeweizen, but is nevertheless an awesome weissbier.  Slightly richer, it loses the crispness that our beloved Hefeweizen was famous for, yet it has a distinctive flavor and retains the same, slightly tangy aftertaste which every good German-style weissbier should have.

Available at local Safeways as usual; priced at the same $8.40 a six-pack (now at $6.99 club price).



To those who thought it was a lie (because of the “hidden message”): You got served, for PIU NX2 is en route (see the Davis thread on DDR Freak NorCal board).

jimthefly: I considered it but didn't go for it 'cause I wanted more people to “get the message.”  XD XD XD

Happy AFD!


On Another Note

Me * Korea = 1, 19-27281 April 2008.  With Eugene.

Life = good.

1 Using one more vacation day and I save $150 on airfare.  Given that a decent motel room costs around $50 a night (and I maxed out my vacation days), I can't really complain.  Ahh, the wonders of international flights….  XD