August 23rd, 2008


Pick Your Poison, Grape Stomping or Arrow Stomping (or Both)?

Since I know you the OG DDR (ex-)players abandoned DDR Freak (well, most of you anyway), here's a crosspost that might interest you:

Hi, My name's Rachel Knudsen and I'm a researcher for a television show, Glutton For Punishment, which is broadcast on the Food Network. I'm searching for a great DDR dancer in San Francisco or anywhere in Sonoma County who would be interested in showing our host, Bob Blumer, some DDR moves on camera!

Our host Bob will be competing in the Sonoma County Grape Stomp Competition, and we thought it would be fun, as part of his training for the stomp, to try out his stomping skills on DDR!

We're looking for fun, outgoing DDR pros who would not be afraid of the camera and would be into shooting a quick (approx. two hours) scene with us sometime in the first week of October.

It should be a fun shoot! If you're interested, or if you know of anyone who may be interested, I'd love to hear from you as soon as possible! You can reach me at or 604-873-9777 x275 (in Vancouver, Canada).

Thanks so much,
Rachel Knudsen

Any takers?


Stolen from mayene

The SEME or UKE Quiz
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You scored as The Gentle SEME

You are the most loving, romantic, and loyal SEME but you also have a protective side that won't stop for anything. You are devoted to making your love and your friends happy but don't take it too far, being too trusting is a major flaw in your design and it is important to atleast TRY to deny the 'cute face'. You wish to be honest and only want to live happily ever after in a love-story all your own. You never say die and will do whatever it takes to help those you care for. You are, of course, best matched with the lovely and caring Optimistic UKE who will take any protection you are willing to give and who is sure to brighten your day. You would do well to stay clear of the Devilish UKE if you feel like staying alive anytime soon. Befriending the Breaker SEME would be your best bet. You aren't the kinkiest and you'd rather just kiss. The fire of love isn't meant to be destructive in your eyes - it's meant to be warm and relaxing.

The Gentle SEME


The Optimistic UKE


The Breaker SEME


The Devilish UKE


The Homicidal SEME


The Sorrowful UKE


Ho-hum.  Eugene will disagree a lot with this.  But there's at least one grain of truth in it: "being too trusting is a major flaw in your design."  XD