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I Am Bored So...

I'm flipping through and awwwing at the Infinite Cat Project pictures.  Start here. ]


P.S.(A.)  There's a much neglected feature in almost every digital camera, which everyone should learn in addition to pressing the shutter button: White balance adjustment.  Augh. -_-;


I lost the manual to my camera years ago, and I do not even know what to look for. For most people, a camera is just like a car; it works unless it doesn't, in which case you find someone else who knows more.

It's more about responsible camera use, like responsible driving...  Pictures with a poor white balance hurt viewers' eyes as they're all unnaturally reddish/yellowish/bluish and so on. _-_

Holy CRAP that's a lot of cats. LOL.

For some reason, the thought of cat looking at cat looking at cat looking at cat greatly amuses me.