The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Fat Or Not?

(11:15:30) superbread:
(11:15:31) superbread: fat or not?
(11:20:46) astralblue: Not.
(11:21:02) astralblue: Why?
(11:21:20) superbread: lots of people complaining about those ads
(11:21:27) superbread: lots of people disgusted at it too
(11:21:31) superbread: saying stuff like
(11:21:37) superbread: "they shouldn't allow chunkers on ads"
(11:21:39) superbread: or something like that
(11:21:52) superbread: kind of disgusts me that people think such a thing

Long live the American media!  Bless their portrayal of healthy social images!  Hooray for helping people develop balanced notion of being fit!</sarc>


P.S.  Yomi ] also approves this message. XD

P.P.S.  Before more people get me wrong: I approve the ad wholeheartedly because the models boast so proudly their deviation from the Anorexic=Better mainstream media image.  More ads like this need to follow, period.


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