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Fat Or Not?

(11:15:30) superbread: http://politics.slate.msn.com/id/2123761/
(11:15:31) superbread: fat or not?
(11:20:46) astralblue: Not.
(11:21:02) astralblue: Why?
(11:21:20) superbread: lots of people complaining about those ads
(11:21:27) superbread: lots of people disgusted at it too
(11:21:31) superbread: saying stuff like
(11:21:37) superbread: "they shouldn't allow chunkers on ads"
(11:21:39) superbread: or something like that
(11:21:52) superbread: kind of disgusts me that people think such a thing

Long live the American media!  Bless their portrayal of healthy social images!  Hooray for helping people develop balanced notion of being fit!</sarc>


P.S.  Yomi ] also approves this message. XD

P.P.S.  Before more people get me wrong: I approve the ad wholeheartedly because the models boast so proudly their deviation from the Anorexic=Better mainstream media image.  More ads like this need to follow, period.


My chatroom's all over those ads. We think they're great and that the models are quite attractive indeed.

I think it's saying "hey, we can be objectified, too!", personally, but I'd rather have that than Ms. You Can See Through Me.
Also I'd tell you not to hotlink but it's Microsoft and I think they can handle it. ;)

That's precisely why I hotlinked.  I hate Microsoft. XD

If they are chunkers, I must be a beached whale.
And me a... ... uhhhh... What's bigger than a whale? >_>
you're hot!
They have HUUUUUGE billboard of that near my workplace.

Doesn't bother me. Actually, I read that the largest of those models is a size 12. In reality, considering most other gals I see, that's really not all that bad.

And to me, they appear confident. Confidence is sexy as is.

That's why I like the ad too.  The confidence they're giving out says: Oh hey, we're not anorexic yet we're happy!

Now that is the type of social message I would wholeheartedly approve.  Not the The skinnier, the better, yet we know you can't be as fit as these anorexic models so we'll keep you on a string and leech $$$ out of you shit the American media seems to like to pull.

I don't see how/why people complain about stuff like that.
I'd prefer people to not be crushable when I attempt to give them a hug :P. And those 6 are by no means ugly.

However we do have one Kosaka Riyu "Porcelain Doll" contender up there. 3rd from the right :P.
Nothin wrong with being a whitey.

I agree that they are in no way ugly, nor are they "fat". We just live in a world where being a twig with twiggy legs is the "right way to be".

I like most of my non twigness. I'll never be a twig because A) I'd never allow it, B) My body isn't built that, and C) I don't think it's attractive.
I think that's one of the loudest slaps across the media's face for the general depiction of women, very VEEEEEERY LOUD, I APPLAUD THIS ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MY SISTER WILL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I VOTE FOR DOVE!!!!!! And no I don't think they're fat, I think they're REAL!


Ok this may sound a little awkward but when I read this I had a sudden urge to go to Wal-Mart and buy some dove soap and take a shower. Wierd isnt it???

See, many get it twisted...

When guys say that they want "thick" girls, THEY MEAN THAT. It's cool to be a bit thin, but seeing ribs is all bad. I applaud the hell out of those ads, because everyone doesn't have complete control of their diet, nor the time to work out 5 times a week; those ads are amazing, and I hope to see more in that line of thinking.
Oh dude...

Check out Channel 7 at 11 PM tonight. There's gonna' be a segment about that ad, yo. Man, I wish I could TiVO that or sumpin'.

Natural Beauty

I love this ad. There are many forms of beauty and just because you're not a size 00 doesn't mean you can't be! The women look very confident, happy and they have soooo much beauty to share! They radiate true beauty! Not only that, they are very *positive* and *healthy* images and are the type of role models because they are just so natural.

And I hope they hold their heads up high despite the shit people will say. No one has a perfect body. . .everyone has their flaws, but that's what makes us all human, yeah?
I agree, those women really are beautiful. And none of them actually have a health problem being too thin or too big (as I do, being over weight). I don't think those ads are perfect, but I do think that they are a huge step in the right direction and are equaling a lot of money for dove because of all of the reaction they are stirring, negative or positive. NO publicity is bad publicity! and yay for you for being confident enough to appreciate other's beauty!!!
Those women are beautiful. The one on the far right has the sexiest thighs. I wish my thighs were like that.