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The More I Program in Python, the More I Love It

Its iterable object support is more than godly...  It saves so many lines of code and closes possibilities for programming errors too.  Also, the library is so impressive and feature-laden (although not as much as Java).  XML-RPC support by default?  Hell yeah, I'm down with that!

Being an interpreter language is a big plus too.  I can actually play with library classes on the command-line interpreter before using it in my program.  :)

/me is working on LJ.py, an interface module to LiveJournal


I have yet to learn python.
I have nothing against more scripting knowledge, however.

However, I just need an outlet to put it to good use.
I've very heavily into PHP and Perl currently, and Rails might get thrown into the mix, eventually.
Python is like Perl with sanity compiled in.

You probably see it less because mod_perl is included in Apache by default but mod_python isn't.