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Play a game, shall we?

The rule is simple: Take a comment that someone didn't already reply to, and reply to it as a new top-level reply (in order to avoid too much indentation), but make the reply a sentence whose words begin with letters from the last word of the comment you are replying to.


"Mary had a little lamb."

-> "Loan a million bucks."

And so on...


"Cynan made me do this."
This is the only reason I signed up for LiveJournal, by the way. All right.

"The heat is stifling."
Surely, this is for losers in new ground.

Just to make a new thread as per the directions...

Great. Really original undertaking, nerdy dorks.

Re: Just to make a new thread as per the directions...

Don't our responses kill? Sheesh.

Re: Just to make a new thread as per the directions...

Sweet heavens, Eric... Eat some horseradish. =D

Re: Just to make a new thread as per the directions...

HOOOO, or read some entertaining retrospects and delegate in sweet harmony. :O

lalala *destroys indent*

Hey aren't rabid monkeys orange 'n yellow?
Yes, every lemur looks orangeish, wiseass.

*runs away*

Well, I'll stop, end all satisfactorily: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Shit. Uh... People expect respectable crackers and linguists in france reading a gourd inside london intrinsically smirking toward interested cowboys; experiencened Xenogears players introspected a little into design of characters intertwined over underwater swimming.
Impressive. ^_^
Sulking widows imitate mediocre marines insisting no goblins.
Good opinion, but look in Naval submarines.
Such unbelievable banter manifests amongst radicals in naughtily explicit stories!
So they optioned really interesting erotic secretaries.


stuffing everyday causes rectal endings to atrophy rapidly if especially sexual.

when i get that feeling, i want....

Senators' economic xenophobia understandably affects laissez-faire.
Let's attempt immediate stopping. Surely each zealous fight against it resounds egregiousness.
egregiousness....grrr....whatever, it's still not as impressive as nikari, as seen above, but here we go.

Eugene's games regularly encourage great intuition over unusual subjects, not excluding sentence structure.
"Structure"? That's really uncreative, Cynan. Try using raunchier edicts. ;P
Especially demeaning is Chris' taunting sentence.
Sorry, everyone's not taunting enough. Nominative carnage ensues.
Everybody needs sex using experimental software.
Even needy supervisors use earsmacking smirks.

where does the 9 go? Argh.

Sudoku often frustrates thinkers with a real enigma.

www.websudoku.com...fun for all ages

Re: where does the 9 go? Argh.

Eugene Never Instantly Gets Me Anything